Ariana Grande – The Animal Lover

She is a small girl with a powerful voice who dances to her own tune. The mega star is also a die-hard animal lover. Starting from the origin of her name let’s see how she is associated and contributes to animals:

Her name is inspired by Princess Oriana a TV cartoon character from “Felix the Cat”. Normally she goes with her full first name as Ariana and additionally takes the nickname as Ari. Perhaps that has something for her love to rock the cat ears in different occasions.

She has 9 dogs and most of them are rescued and adopted. Their names are Cinnamon, Coco, Fawkes, Lafayette, Ophelia, Pignoli, Sirius, Strauss and Toulouse.

She Loves Harry Potter and as homage to her obsession she named her cute black dog after Sirius Black.

Although she is allergic to cats, she played a character named Cat Valentine in “Victorious” and “Sam and Cat,” which is her first debut for TV show.

Ariana has admitted to loving animals more than she loves most people and she is a huge dog person. Along with her dogs she also has an adopted pig.

For the past few years Ariana has eaten only plant based foods eliminating meat, dairy and egg products from her diet. In 2013, she stated that she is a Vegan to the twitter sphere and told the “Mirror” she thinks eating a plant based whole food diet can expand your life length and make you a happier person.

Being a vegan also expresses her love towards all kind of animals.

Ariana love the beach, she loves going to the beach in the middle of the night because it’s quiet and relaxing. Along with that, she is very obsessed with the ocean and all kinds of sea creatures.

The former Nickelodeon actress is always surrounded herself with puppies throughout her time in the spotlight (and one pig).

The 350 million Instagram users who follow Ariana are mostly familiar with all of her pets she keeps as part of her entourage.

With the opening of the Orange Twins Rescue facility, the singer is now taking a step forward for her devotion to her animal companions to next level. The Orange Twins Rescue centre’s is an animal rescue organization works in Los Angeles.

Ariana Grande aims to save and care for needy animals through her rescue centre in Los Angeles. The resource centre accepts all animals, regardless of age, whether they are stray, senior, neglected, mistreated, or have special requirements.

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