Ariana Grande – The Family Girl

It is no secret that Ariana Grande acclaimed worldwide for her vocal abilities and charismatic presentation. She wa born on June 26, 1993, in Boca Raton, Florida, to Joan Grande and Edward Butera. Let’s go through some important mentions how Ariana Grande is a family person.

She belongs to an Italian Heritage:

Many people mistakenly believe that, Ariana is Latina, because she grew up in South Florida. But, she is actually an Italian with family roots in both the Abruzzo and Sicily regions of the European nations. Ariana took birth in New York, as her parents relocated to Florida just before she was born.

Ariana’s robust Role Models:

They are non-other than her parents whom she loves, respects and follows. She is very proud of the success of her mother. Joan Grande is a CEO of a company and has always been a strong proficient role model for her daughter to follow. She also has looked up to her father, Edward Butera, who is a very prosperous graphic designer.  This is the reason why she sometimes goes by a hyphenated last name, as Ariana Grande-Butera, in order to pay honour to both the role models in her life.

Family loving Cartoons:

It was a decision from her parent to name her Arians after falling in love with the character Princess Oriana in Felix the Cat, an old comedy cartoon. Although she normally goes by her full first name, Ariana, she does additionally take the nickname as Ari.

Halloween with family from childhood:

She always wishes in her fantasies that Halloween must be every day. When she was a kid her mom thought she would be a serial killer because of her fascination with horror movies and the fact that she would wear Halloween masks around the house on any day.

Ariana isn’t the only child:

Ariana actually has an older half-brother who is ten years elder to her. His name is Frankie James Grande and who is also a quite multi-talented person with successful career of his own.

Talent runs in the Grande family:

Her elder brother Frankie James Grande is a performer and producer. He is also well recognised Youtube personality and has been on the famous reality show “Big Brother” for multiple times. He went on Ariana’s “Honeymoon” tour with her in 2015 as one of her dancers.

Her brother Frankie is a Gay:

For her brother Frankie, Ariana is a huge advocate for LGBTQ rights. She dislikes the intolerance and judgement towards the LGBTQ community and says she feels revolting when her friends or brother get bullied due to their sexuality

Change of God with brother:

When her brother was told that God didn’t love him because he was gay and the Pope told the whole thing she loved and believed in was wrong, she decided to convert to the Kabbalah. Both she and her brother are committed members, and she feels very close to religion, saying she is Jewish and studying all the books and finds solace in her life.

“Nonna” feels the stardom:

The tiny super star is super close to her Nonna, clicking photos with her and bringing her along in the audience when she went on “The Tonight Show”. She introduces her to the world on live TV and which makes her happy doing this.

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