Damar Hamlin on his recovery from Cardiac Arrest: “I’m getting Stronger Physically”

The Buffalo Bulls stated last month that Hamlin had been fully cleared by doctors to resume playing football.

Damar Hamlin claims that while he prepares to return to the football field he has recently gone through a roller coaster of emotions.

The Buffalo Bills player discusses his recovery from a mid-game cardiac collapse on live television in January 2023 in a new interview with the American Heart Association that was given exclusively to people. He also discusses his new purpose as a heart health ambassador.

Hamlin, 25, says to host Nancy Brown, president and CEO of the American Heart Association, “I’m just trying to focus on the right foot in front of the left”. I’m realizing that it’s best to just go with the feeling and the flow. Don’t worry about attempting to manage your feelings too much.

Hamlin has only previously talked in public twice about the event on January 2, 2023, when he fainted on the field after making a tackle and needed CPR.

The Cincinnati Bengals and Buffalo Bills’ Monday Night Football game was called off due to the frightening emergency, which doctors believe was caused by Commotio cordis. As friends, family, and supporters awaited updates on his condition, the story made headlines around the world.

After being in critical condition, Hamlin eventually made full recovery, leaving the hospital nine days later and visibly returning to support his Buffalo teammates during the NFL playoffs.

The Bills the revealed last month that Hamlin had been fully cleared by doctors to play football once more, and he told supporters he had made so much progress.

The NFL player claims that he is now returning to his previous form.

In the latest interview, Hamlin states, “Physically, I’m getting stronger”, grinning and pumping his arms as if he were lifting weights.

Since the January incident on the field, Hamlin has emerged as one of sports’ most important figures.

In a speech at the NFL Honors ceremony in February, Hamlin declared to the audience that he has a purpose greater than any game in the world to promote heart health. The Bills safety also visited with President Joe Biden in March at the White House, and he later spoke before Congress in favour of the Access to AEDs Act, which aims to assist in the installation of additional defibrillators in schools.

According to Hamlin in the most recent interview, “that day seemed like a dream.”

“I feel like this whole situation, everything that happened to me, was all a part of a bigger plan and a bigger picture” he claims. “God has seen that my purpose extends beyond football. Much more significant than just football, Hamlin continues. “I’ve known that forever. He gave me a purpose and something to stand for that is far more than simply a game. I’ve always felt that I was more than just an athlete and a football player.”

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