Jerry Springer

Gerald Norman Springer was an American broadcaster, journalist, actor, producer, lawyer, and politician who lived from February 13, 1944, until April 27, 2023. Springer was raised in Queens, New York City, after being born to Holocaust refugees in London, England, during World War II. He graduated from Northwestern University School of Law, earned his law degree, and started his political career in 1968 by working for Robert Kennedy’s presidential campaign.

Springer, a member of the Cincinnati City Council, presided as Cincinnati’s 56th mayor from 1977 to 1978. In Cincinnati, where he later served as a local news anchor, he earned several Regional Emmy Awards for commentary. From 1991 to 2018, Springer was best known for serving as the host of the occasionally contentious tabloid talk show Jerry Springer.

On Thursday, local time, the seasoned broadcaster who was best known for anchoring The Jerry Springer Show for nearly 30 years passed away quietly in his Chicago home.

Springer was just a few short months after receiving a pancreatic cancer diagnosis.

The most severe and infamous of the shows, Jerry Springer (syndicated, premiered in 1991), featured frightening guests, tales, and conflicts. Numerous episodes included brawls, security personnel stepping in, and a blood-lusting audience.

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