The Tragic Tale of Rihanna’s Relationship with her Father

Rihanna appears to be enjoying life to the fullest. The celebrity has surpassed Beyonce and Madonna to become the richest female artist in the world, according to Forbes. She has been a top-charting artist in addition to being the creator of the ground-breaking brand Fenty Beauty, which debuted in September 2017 to incredible success. Forbes reports that “Fenty Beauty racked up a reported $100 million in sales in its first few weeks”.

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Since then, Rihanna’s business has only continued to expand, and her success has had a lasting effect on the cosmetics sector. According to Forbes, “Not only did (Fenty Beauty) achieve meaningful sales, but it potentially changed the industry permanently”. The success of Rihanna’s brand has been demonstrated by her inclusion of women of various shapes, sizes, and skin tones.

Even if her life appears to be perfect right now, Rihanna has faced several challenges in the past. The musician has experienced sorrow, witnessed some well-publicized breakups, and weathered some celebrity feud. Rihanna and her father have struggled to get along all through this. Her unhappy relationship with Chris Brown was impacted by this tense bond, which at one point even gave rise to a lawsuit.

Learn more about Rihanna’s connection with her father in the next paragraphs.

Rihanna supported her father through his addiction

In a startlingly frank interview she gave to the Mirror in 2007, Rihanna discussed her ancestry. Rorrey and Rajad, Rihanna’s two younger brothers, watched while their father, Ronald Fenty, battled addiction.

Even as a young child, I discovered that my parents would fight if there was foil paper in the ashtray, according to Rihanna. According to the Mirror, once Rihanna’s mother Monica ultimately got divorced from Ronald, Rihanna took care of her two younger brothers so that her mother could work to support them.

But I think every child growing up goes through some form of upheaval, and perhaps mine was a little harsher, said Barbados-born Rihanna of her early years. In the end, I don’t worry about it anymore, and I’m not furious about it.

Ronald, though, persisted in having trouble staying sober. According to Daily Mail, Rihanna sent Ronald to a “$58,000 Malibu rehab program” in 2013. Although kind, this ultimately didn’t work. Ronald had to be expelled from Rihanna’s first-ever Diamond Ball in Beverly Hills in December 2014because of his intoxicated conduct before she even arrived.

Ronald Fenty had a soft place for Chris Brown

After Chris Brown attacked his daughter on February 8, 2009, Rihanna’s father, Ronald Fenty (seen above with his ex-wife and Rihanna’s mother, Monica Braithwaite), proceeded to wow fans by speaking kindly of Brown. Chris Brown was the subject of Ronald’s comment in a 2014 interview with the Daily Mail, who said: “When I see in the papers he’s in trouble, I think ‘Chris what the hell are you doing man?’” To just mess up like that, the guy has such skill, if you know what I mean.

The source claimed that Ronald had “long forgiven” Chris and acknowledged that he still had “a big soft spot for him”.

2009 saw Rihanna discussed Chris Brown’s attack in an interview with ABC. She mentioned her father once during the conversation (NBC Connect). According to Rihanna, her father used to abuse her mother and she frequently participated in efforts to “break up a fight”.

Domestic violence is something that individuals don’t want everyone to know, so she would simply keep it within the house, according to Rihanna. I’ve always vowed never to date somebody who reminds me of my father.

However, Ronald’s influence on Rihanna’s life did not end here.

Rihanna Sued her Father

Ronald Fenty stunned his daughter by selling information about the event to the media after Chris Brown assaulted Rihanna.

Rihanna expressed her emotions of betrayal around her father’s conduct in the April 2011 print issue of Vogue, saying: “But my dad went to the press and basically told them a bunch of bullshit. Because following the entire incident, he hadn’t spoken to me. He never phoned to check on me, ask if I was still alive, or ask how I was doing. He never made a call. He received a cheque from the press right away, according to the Independent.

News that Rihanna was suing her father surfaced in 2019. In 2017, Ronald, as reported by TMZ, founded a business named Fenty Entertainment, although Rihanna had already “trademarked ‘Fenty’”. In order to collect millions of dollars, Ronald and a business partner reportedly “falsely advertised themselves as (Rihanna’s) reps, including trying to book her for 15 shows in Latin America in December 2017 for $15 million, all without her authorization”. The Blast claims that the investigations are on-going.

Rihanna is still there for her father when he needs her despite their issues. Even after he caught the coronavirus, she intervened to save him.

Family disputes are never simple, and Rihanna isn’t the only celebrity that struggles to get along with her father. Hopefully soon, there is a resolution for these two Fentys.

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