10 Reasons Why Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Is So Successful

Without charm, Dwayne Johnson may never have made the jump from modest popularity to his current level of massive success.

10. He’s a Charismatic guy

09. He is Competitive by Nature

His success has been fuelled by his competitive nature. He gives everything he does his all, whether it be acting or wrestling.

08. He is Entertaining

His success, particularly in acting, is greatly influenced by the fact that he is a really entertaining person.

07. He Comes from a Successful Family

Family ties played a significant role in The Rock’s decision to enter the wrestling business.

06. He Pursued his Dream

Dwayne Johnson pursued his ambitions, but more importantly, he made every effort to make them come true.

Dwayne recalled putting in hours of daily practice and credited his accomplishment to his perseverance.

05. He Works his Ass Off!

A football team was founded by his coach, a probation officer, to keep youth off the streets and engaged in constructive activities.

04. He Discovered a Mentor

He attributes this to his success since he realized he needed to work even harder to fulfil his ambitions after failure.

03. He Learns from his Mistake

He decided to be friends with decent people, and that deeply alerted his life from their achievements and developed him as a result.

02. He Surrounded with Outstanding Individual

He might not have pursued his reputation in wrestling if he hadn’t been successful in acting. So, took the chance and has achieved great success as actor.

01. Dwayne is Risk-Taking