‘The Rock’s Top 10 Rules for Success

Johnson has a reputation for being actively involved in developing and promoting his persona while he thinks that perseverance and hard work are keys to success.

10. “Consistency in Working Hard”

The “hashtag #hardestworkerintheroom” has become a common term for Johnson’s Instagram and anecdotes. He is a believer in putting in constant effort and tackled every task to their best.

09. “Be the Hardest Worker in the Room”

He believed to persevere despite opposition and to keep his attention on his objectives rather than his fears of failing.

08. “Be Persistent”

His modest upbringing taught him to never give up on his dreams and to always learn from past mistakes.

07. “Learn From Your Failures”

His belief in himself and his ability to alter things gave him a feeling of purpose, in his opinion.

06. “Have a Sense of Purpose”

Johnson hung around with a nasty gang during his adolescent years then he made the decision to remove all those from his life to obtain a better understanding of options.

05. “Be Around Good People”

According to Johnson, there are no cuts in life. Be it acting in action-packed movie or wrestling on a worldwide stage, mastering a skill requires a lot of dedication and practice.

04. “Move Forward with Commitment”

He found a way to express his resentment and rage via football, which turned out to be one of his biggest life lessons.

03. “Use Anger as Motivation to Move Forward”

Johnson has taken advantage of every opportunity that has come his way and thinks that the biggest regrets in life might come from never taking a chance.

02. “Take Chances, Don’t Wait”

Johnson treats people well and handles his skills so that they are always viewed favourably.

01. “Don’t Let your Strength Become your Weakness”